Desert Luxury Camp | Merzouga, Morocco

After a beautiful 8 hour drive from Fes, through the Middle Atlas Mountains, we arrive in Merzouga. Along the way we shared some nuts with the Barbary apes and stopped for a herd of goats. Upon arrival, we hop in a 4 x 4 and head through the dunes to the camp where we are greeted with mint tea. As sunset approaches we climb the dunes for an amazing view of the Sahara.

Once again, this is another "dry" area, so we brought our own wine. Dinner was one of the best we had in Morocco. Semolina soup, what I call a "Moroccan Eggpant Parmesan" with Edam cheese, rice pilaf, and a tagine filled with beef. After dinner, dancing to the drums outside under the stars.

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