Postcards to a city I love | Istanbul

I am so sad to hear about the latest terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey.  Of all the countries I have traveled, Turkey is the most fascinating in every way.  Just a few shots of the city I love. 


Creative | Wendy Johnson, Painter

Wendy Johnson is an amazingly talented painter in Newport Beach.  She has spent so much time in the South of France and her paintings show it.  I love stopping in her studio while she is painting and seeing her latest work.  And her palette of paint.  This last painting above is happily hanging in my home.  Thank you Wendy.  Learn more about Wendy and her atelier "The South of France" by clicking here.


Granada, Nicaragua

A quick whirlwind of a stop in Granada, a Spanish colonial city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua in western Nicaragua.  Next stop, Mukul Resort.