The Fishermen of Cabo San Lucas

On our recent trip to Cabo, we tried our hand at a little fishing.  We had no luck whatsoever but got a close up of the beautiful arch.  Actually, I didn't mind not catching any, being a vegetarian/pescatarian and all.  It's a little hard to see that beautiful marlin being brought in. The catches above were from another boat and fisherman with a greater expertise!!!



This month is my one year anniversary of my blog and I am finally doing the Bali post.  Bali is one of those magical places.  The landscape is so intensely colorful, it is hard to believe what you are seeing. I fell in love with the people and the culture.  Oh, and the food!   This was my first trip to exotic Southeast Asia.   Here are some images from the beaches of Seminyak and the cultural center of Bali, Ubud.
In Seminyak, we stayed at the Legian and when I went back some months later I stayed at the Chedi Club in Ubud.


Beechers | Seattle

One shouldn't miss an opportunity to visit Beecher's when in Seattle if one loves cheese.  This was for breakfast.
Beecher's Handmade Cheese
1600 Pike Place
Seattle, Washington


The Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal | Ubud, Bali

I have been meaning to post on Bali since I started this blog, so here you go.......In Ubud, there is a monkey forest that is also a sacred Balinese Hindu site.  Hinduism in Bali is a little different than Hinduism practiced in other parts because it combines Animism, Ancestor Worship, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  Animism is the belief that non humans, being animals and plants, have a spirit and/or soul.  And these spirits can help us humans or create havoc.

These long tailed Macaques can create a little havoc themselves.  Whatever you do, don't walk into the forest with a bunch of bananas.  One of us did just that and one of the monkeys came flying off a tree branch onto her shoulder and you have not heard a scream like that before.  Of course I was doubled over in hysterical laughter.  That same person fell off her bike in the middle of the rice paddies and landed in the water with the leeches.  Another great moment for me to observe.   Ah!  Good times!!!!!



Tea Tasting in San Francisco's Chinatown

While in San Francisco, we stopped for a little tea tasting in Chinatown.  Our tea pourer, Carina, relayed a rather entertaining story about the process of rinsing and steeping the tea.  First you rinse your tea.  Then you rinse again, or steep it and serve the tea to an unwanted guest, a nosy neighbor, or to your husband if you don't love him.  The third soaking and steeping of the tea leaves is for you.

Vital Tea Leaf
905 Grant Avenue
San Francisco


Scenes From A Restaurant | Mamnoon, Seattle

Love this Middle Eastern restaurant featuring food from Syria and Lebanon in the Capital Hill section of Seattle.

   1508 Melrose Avenue
   Seattle, Washington