Desert Luxury Camp | Merzouga, Morocco

After a beautiful 8 hour drive from Fes, through the Middle Atlas Mountains, we arrive in Merzouga. Along the way we shared some nuts with the Barbary apes and stopped for a herd of goats. Upon arrival, we hop in a 4 x 4 and head through the dunes to the camp where we are greeted with mint tea. As sunset approaches we climb the dunes for an amazing view of the Sahara.

Once again, this is another "dry" area, so we brought our own wine. Dinner was one of the best we had in Morocco. Semolina soup, what I call a "Moroccan Eggpant Parmesan" with Edam cheese, rice pilaf, and a tagine filled with beef. After dinner, dancing to the drums outside under the stars.

You can read more about Desert Luxury Camp here.


L'Ma Lodge | Skoura - Quarzazate, Morocco

After leaving the Sahara and traveling through the Atlas mountains, we descend into the town of Skoura. Driving down a dusty dirt road in what seems like the middle of nowhere, one comes upon a true oasis, L'Ma Lodge. Every detail of this guest house is perfection. Vanessa, the owner, designed the property herself, sourcing pieces from local artisans. The food was amazing, the rooms were beautifully decorated. I could have stayed forever.


The Blue City of Morocco | Chefchaouen

Last month I went on a road trip through Morocco. This trip was suppose to include the seaside port of Tangiers but due to bad weather and cancelled flights we went straight to Chefchaouen, the Blue City of Morocco. It is in the Rif Mountains in Northwest Morocco and about a 2 and a half hour drive from Tangiers. The buildings that make up Chefchaouen are painted the most beautiful shade of blue. Some say to repel mosquitos though others believe that Jewish refugees from Spain in the 15th century painted it blue as they escaped Europe. Blue represents divinity.


These pigments are mixed with water to create the colorful hues of the city.

Chefchaouen is also famous for their goat cheese (top of image). But if you want to have cheese and wine you had better bring your own. Chefchaouen is a dry city.


      My short list:
  1.  Riad Hicham Restaurant  riadhicham.com   Had an amazing dinner here of chicken kabobs and a vegetable tagine. They do not supply wine. You can bring your own. 
  2. Oomm Rabie Restaurant   http://benhmamou.ma/FR/   does have liquor.
  3. Pizzeria Mandala  http://www.pizzeriamandala.com/  


Postcards to a city I love | Istanbul

I am so sad to hear about the latest terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey.  Of all the countries I have traveled, Turkey is the most fascinating in every way.  Just a few shots of the city I love. 


Creative | Wendy Johnson, Painter

Wendy Johnson is an amazingly talented painter in Newport Beach.  She has spent so much time in the South of France and her paintings show it.  I love stopping in her studio while she is painting and seeing her latest work.  And her palette of paint.  This last painting above is happily hanging in my home.  Thank you Wendy.  Learn more about Wendy and her atelier "The South of France" by clicking here.