Chasing Lavender | Provence

One of the sights I was especially looking forward to when I got to Provence were the fields of lavender.  I had heard of this famous abby in Gordes, the Abbaye Notre Dame de Senanque.  In June and July, the fields in front of the abby are filled with blooming, fragrant lavender.  In fact, the abby building itself often takes on a purplish hue depending on the light.  Well, we missed the lavender by about a week.  They had just harvested their fields, much to my dismay.  Not to be deterred, we continued on our quest in search of lavender through the hills and into the town of Sault and beyond.  As you can see, we succeeded in our mission.  

Read more about the abby here.


"It was love at every sight," Della Hicks-Wilson | Gordes, France

I would say, as I caught my first glimpse of the hilltop village of Gordes, that it was love at first sight.  But then, I discovered, it was love at every sight.  

My Favorites List:


La Bastide de Gordes
Rue de la Combe,

Hotel Le Phebus


Le Clos De Gustave
Route de Murs

La Trinquette
Rue des Tracapelles

Le Renaissance
Place du Chateau

Aux Fines Herbes Restaurant
Rue de la Republique


The Turkish Rug

While visiting Ephesus, we visited a rug factory.  It was quite interesting to see the process from boiling the silk cocoons to spinning the threads.  The dyes are made from different herbs, flowers and grains and boiled over fire.  Such gorgeous colors.  And finally, the weaving.


A Week in Provence | Aix-en-Provence

It's everything you dream of, Provence.  The tastes, smells and sights, all delicious to the senses.  From le cafe et le petit-dejeuner of freshly baked croissants, one starts the day off with a bit of joie de vivre.  Then strolling through town taking in the colors and textures of the buildings on the winding streets, maybe stopping at a brocante on Place Verdun.  A late lunch outside in a small square is calling with du vin rose et du fromage.  Toujours du fromage.....toujours du vin.  And so it goes.......................


"Paris is always a good idea" Audrey Hepburn

No words necessary.....................