Bagna Cauda

A very special recipe from a very special man named Geno.  In his own words:

"Here is a little bit of the history of Bagna Cauda, which means hot bath, or hot sauce.
Bagna Cauda is a ancient community meal that originated in the Piemonte region of northern Italy, where my folks were both and raised.  Originally, it was classified as a meal for poor people that could easily, and inexpensively be put together during the cold months of winter. As time went by, it developed into a traditional festive dish served on New Year's eve to a large group of people, all standing around a table, and dipping vegetables into the hot sauce.  In recent times Bagna Cauda can be found listed as an appetizer, or antipasto on the menus of fashionable restaurants in Italy and also here in the U.S."

I am taking off for Southeast Asia for the next few weeks.  Will be back at the end of November with a new post.  Until then.................