Chez Galip | Cappadocia, Turkey

After flying in hot air balloons,  walking through thousand year old caves, and practically crawling through underground cities, we did something more tame, visiting CEC Pottery.  This was truly a highlight.  Galip Korukcu has been creating gorgeous ceramics for over 50 years.  His potters wheel is spun by his fiercely fast feet.  We were able to watch him in action which was quite amazing.  He can create up to about 200 pieces depending on the complexity of the piece.  After he demonstrated a couple of pieces, Galip asked me to try my hand at the potters wheel.  With a bit of help..... well voila!!  No pictures will be posted of that.

In another area is the showroom of all of CEC Pottery's collection which was just beautiful.  You can see more of Chez Galip here.