Frassanelle | Italy

Frassanele is a farmhouse in the Euganean Hills of Northern Italy.  The entire property belongs to the count Papafava dei Carraresi since the 13th century.  Our villa was named Bencontenta with 6 bedrooms and bathrooms and a pool.  It was the perfect stay for our group and a great spot to discover the other local towns like Padova, Bastia, Este, Monfumo, Verona, Modena, and Venice.

And then there was Saba.  What can I say?  After visiting the surrounding towns all day and having gorgeous lunches at local restaurants, we came home to this culinary goddess who cooked for us many a night.  And I am talking 5 course meals, starting with a beautiful antipasto to go with our ever mounting bottles of wine.  You could find her in the herb garden snipping away little gems to go into her secret recipes.
Below are just a few of the many dishes she made for us and I honestly have never tasted better food than what she concocted in our kitchen.

Mussels in tomato sauce, roasted chicken, pesto pasta, linguini with clams, fennel gratin, roasted potatoes and whole branzino are just a few of the dishes we indulged in.
This is Frassanelle.